Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer update

No, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth, bur sometimes I think that it would be nice. The summer has been way to busy here in our hen house. I remember having lazy days in the summer as a young girl and I wish I could have them back. I am a home body and having one activity a day is sometimes to much for me. With four children it is bound to happen that there will be hair cuts and ball games on the day so I better learn to live with it. For a short summery of the past few months continue reading.

End of May and the month of June!

It was filled with ball games, cancelled ball games and make-up ball games. We have had a very wet summer. It you can believe it our grass is still green! Usually, by this time of year The Rooster does not have to mow very often because the dry weather has caused to grass to go dormant. Most of our games would begin around 6 PM so that would mean I would have to have supper on the table no later then 4:30. It seemed like as soon as I was done cooking lunch I would have to get started on supper. That is the life of a baseball mom.

Chick #1 was on a large team this year so she did not get in a lot of playing of time. She basically likes to play because she can hang out with her best friend (white haired chick) (sorry, I do not have picture) and a lot of other girls. The girls were scared to bat the ball this year because many of them were hit with wild pitches. Chick #1 was one of the few who did pull off a few hits. In this photo she missed that ball, but it was taken early in the season. The umpire in an ever famous pastor around these parts who I will not name. Let just say that he and The Rooster like to pump iron together.

Chick #4 is a trooper and gets drug to everything. He loves all of the activity and was a blue ringpop junky during the ball season. If his little lips were not blue it just did not seem like a ball game. As you can see he was very lucky on a little fishing trip we took. He had the first catch of the day. We were all very proud of the little guy for bringing in the fish. Can you tell he has two older sisters? Yep! He is using a pink fishing pole. He really thinks that he should have Superman fishing pole, but beggars can not be choosers.

Chick #3 also played t-ball but I did not get any pictures of it. A pregnant mommy just can remember everything. She did have fun when we went to a 4-H painting class. She was in the youngest of the three group and did very well on her art work. She is still working on growing out her bangs. Some days she will have a head band on and on others she will put her bangs in little pig tails on the sides of her face. I am impressed that she works so hard at keeping them out of her eyes.
Once while it was pouring cats and dogs there was not any lighting and the little chicks went out to play. Kids just do not play in the rain like they used too, I hardly ever seem them stomping in puddles any more. My little ones love it. When chick #1 was under 1 year old The Rooster used to take her out into rain and walk around with her.

Chick #2 was the catcher with the mostest! He would dive, run around and roll to get the ball quickly. All of that movement would make the chick a sweaty mess. His last game ended after 10 PM and I made him take a shower before he could crawl into bed. He was just mud and sweat. As long as he was behind the home plate his head was in the game. We had to watch out if he was in the outfield though. He was more likely to be catching June bugs than watching the ball. What do you expect he is only 9.

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