Thursday, September 04, 2008

A women VP

My first reaction to having a women running with McCain as the VP was shock. My gut told me that we would for sure loose now. I was upset and thought her job should be at home. But that was my first reaction. Now after some education I like her. She has the guts that I think McCain is sometimes lacking. Last night during her speech she impressed me and I liked what I heard. I believe that she will stand up for the right thing. She is supporting her children and I think that her husband will be supportive of her. I also liked that her daughter's soon to husband was standing up there with his soon to be wife and unborn child. This young lady is not running for anything and I wish the press would leave her alone. I could not imagine going through what that young woman is going through.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I was also impressed with her speech last night. She appeared to be strong and truly in "it" for the service of the American People. I have also thought that no matter how much we stress and teach our children about abstinence being Gods plan or about safe sex. It is ultimately up to that child to decide for him or her self what they will do. I am impressed with the pro life stance this young couple is taking and the way they are trying to take responsibility for their actions. They need our prayer not our condemnation!
This is Melissa not Tims response!