Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Misc. ideas

Here are my children bright and early Easter morning. We had a very nice Easter and had fun dying eggs the day before. Little Wyatt was very entertaining flinging eggs from one cup of dye to the other.

So why have I not been blogging? I have been running. I had the crazy idea that I could train for a half marathon and now I am scared. The past two weeks I have not got in as many miles as I would like. First, my feet were getting blisters on them after I would run 6 miles. I had to buy larger shoes because when I had bought mine last fall I never put into account my feet changing during my pregnancy with Wyatt. I should have known better, after all it was my fourth child and my feet had changed every other time I was pregnant. I missed two days of running so my feet could heal. Then I had a "poor me day" and could not run more then a mile and a half one day. Feeling sorry for ones self does not help when you are trying to run distances.

This week I have the new shoes working well and did 9 miles on Sunday all thou I did run them all. Now I have a terrible tooth ache and need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. My dentist says that I should be able to wait until after the marathon but he put me on a antibiotic because there was and infection around my tooth. For those of you who do not know, I am allergic to three types of antibiotics so that leaves erythromycim. Nasty, nasty stuff! I was sick to my stomach all of yesterday, that meant no running. So far I am feeling fine today. It always take me about 48 hours to get used to taking that medicine. Maybe this afternoon I will be able to get 6 miles in. Then I will feel a little better about my training.

I also want to direct everyone to this site . The Conservative side of the LCMS must form a untied front so that we will have a man of God as our next president. Lets correct the wrongs of the past and join together as a united front. The Word of God must be taught in it truth and purity. We can not put our own ideals into it or emotions. As a good friend of mine once said "The Bible says what it says! That is all you need to know." Tell your pastors about Wohlrabe running for president. If we all stand behind the same guy maybe we will have a chance.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

My daughter is allergic to erythromyacin! Good for you for trying to run a marathon. Hope the running goes better that it has been! :)