Monday, April 30, 2007

Hen Devotions

Every morning while the children are trying to finish up their breakfast, I do a devotion with them. We use the morning one from the LSB, we go over their catechism memory work and the proper for the upcoming Sunday. Let me describe to you this somewhat chaotic event. On the table before us is five plates, cups, and forks. There is also milk, juice, two frying that contained our breakfast, and syrup. This morning my oldest daughter spilt some syrup on the table so there was also a wet rag. My son Tristen, who is 8, has a terrible time memorizing his catechism so my 5 year old daughter is prompting him on his next line. He of course does not like this. Then while I was reading the bible readings my little son, who is two, began throwing his sippy cup. I finally got that under control and began reading again. Then I notice that my oldest daughter, 9 year old Adri, is practically washing her entire body with the rag that she used for the syrup. I mean she was scrubbing her arms, legs, and feet. (uh!) Out of my mouth comes the correction "that she should not be washing her legs during devotion and at the table". We finally made it through the readings and had fun singing the hymn of the day for the fifth Sunday after Easter. Thank goodness God's word does what he says and Christ is in me. I alone could never make it through these crazy morning devotions.

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