Thursday, April 19, 2007

Victory and Defeat

I am very happy that the highest court in our land has banned partial birth abortions. Finally there are a few brave souls to stand up for the silent babies inside their mother's womb. We must protect life.

Then NBC has to sink to a new low. They are truly among the bottom feeders in today's society. Last night, when I saw the anchor holding up the envelope from Cho like it was some prize, I was stunned. Thank goodness a few men, Rush Limbaugh has said that they would not air Cho's voice. How disheartening it must be for every family involved in the Virgina Tech shooting to see this horrid man's face (Cho) on TV. I believe that we will find out that there is more involved in this whole shooting then anyone suspected.

Plus, I wonder how on earth Barbara Boxer, the senator from California, can be such a stupid woman! Did any of you hear what she said yesterday? She lumped all of the following things together, as tragedies, that have caused her stress this past week. Virgina Tech shooting bringing back post traumatic stress from 9-11, women lives being put in danger by the new abortion ban, and global warming. Now I know that this is not a direct quote and I tried to find it. If I come across her words I will post them because they are unbelievable. Maybe she is attributing her heat flashes to global warming and that is why it caused her stress. Ha Ha! I just had to through that joke out there. Do not hold it against me and my young age.

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Marie N. said...

Airing Cho's words and writings only encourages others to gain "fame" the way he did. Not to mention how it is in such bad taste.