Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light hearted

This has been a heavy week. I won't lie and act like my life is perfect because there are many things that are not. Yes, I do stay home with me children, I educate them, cook for them, clean, and care for husband. Life is stressful and difficult even though it may not seem so on the outside. This week I have been missing family and friends that are far away. I have questions things about myself but I have not been shaken. I look forward to receiving the grace given to me by my Father in Heaven, his own Son's body and blood poured out on me for the forgiveness of my sins.

For this weekend I plan on enjoying this beautiful weather. The dog needs to be taken for a long walk and so do I. Some spring cleaning will hopefully get finished up around here. It is not really spring clean in the sense that I am washing curtains, I am simply trying to declutter things. I would like to clean out some flower gardens and find the new little plants growing under the old dead leaves. The baby chick needs to spend some time outside in the sun that will put me on shadow duty, following her around watching her discover her world is a treat.

On Monday I plan on doing some serious blogging and will stretch out my writing wings. I hope to do a little reading and I might even pick up my knitting needles. Have a great weekend.

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