Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pass the salt please

Sometimes I love the weekends, they are lazy, calm, uninterrupted and just plain nice. Then there are other times when I do not like them because of them being lazy, calm, uninterrupted and nice. My personality and the children's change, the day to day things are just to much and we need a break. Isn't that such a strange thing? I fear that our next weekend maybe a bad one. My dear husband has to work next Saturday and none of us are looking forward to it. I fear that it may feel just like a Thursday when it should not. Saturdays are referred to as Daddy day. The Rooster wakes up and makes a big breakfast for the family and we just hangout together all day.

The Rooster does so many things for me and I am so thankful for him. He saves me from things I can not handle a pile of laundry, to many dishes on my counter, my racing my mind, the children. God intended for families to work this way. A husband and wife are placed in the family to help each other and work together. He, my husband, provides for us by working every weekday so we can have a comfortable home, food, and things we need for this life. I stay home caring for children. Everyday he is free to leave our home and work. He can do this with peace, knowing that things are being taken care of at home. His children are safe and their needs are being meet by his wife.

A marriage is more than just helping one another, there must also be a respect for each other. My husband still thanks me for cooking meals, and cleaning up things. This is something that happens daily. If he needs me to help him he still always includes please in his sentience. I try to do the same with him. If I need him to help with a sick child or a very messy diaper, I try to ask nicely. Sometimes I think that this respect for one another in a marriage is disappearing in the world.

Husbands, in the world, think of their wives as nags. They blindly follow what their wives order and develop hard feels about the situation. Wives, in the world, think of their husbands as another child that they must keep under their thumb. Dealing with their husbands is a chore and never thought of as a joy. I find this has also become a standard in this era. We can find this scenario playing out in TV sitcoms and in movies. It happens in reality TV shows and right under our own noses. Once something starts to touch every aspect of our lives, it is hard to think of this as being incorrect.

As a stay at home mother I rely upon my husband for everything. There is a lot of guilt involved with this. During times when money is tight, I wish that there was some way that I could help out. I really do not have any skills that I would be able to use to make money. If I were to help, it would be in a very plain way such as working in a retail shop. We would then have to add in the cost of gas for driving to town. There would be added stress placed upon the family caused by me not being here. I do not think that the pros out weigh the cons on this issues. Right now the vocation that God, our Heavenly Father, has given me is the vocation of wife and mother. I am pretty sure that it is a full time job and for now my plate is full.

In order to help next Saturday go smoothly, we will be taking a trip to the big zoo that is close to us. The kids will love the change of pace, the exercise, and the picnic lunch. This will also be the first time that Baby Chick will be involved with the whole zoo experience. I am sure that her excitement and the change of pace will be just what we need to make it through the day without the Rooster.

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