Thursday, April 08, 2010

Water washes me

I have been thinking about baptism lately. For a few years I have wanted to blog about it but time is always short and other things would distract me. I am a fan of the Duggar's TV show and chick #1 and were watching the episode when their little preemie baby was born. The tiny little infant looked so small and weak. The Family were rejoicing that the little babe was born and alive but many of the Duggar kids were also crying as they looked at the weak infant. Chick #1 looked at me and said "That baby is baptised, isn't it mom?" My heart broke when I told her no. The Duggars are Baptist and they make this very well know during their TV show. They are Christians and know that Christ's forgives them but they do not baptise little babies. That is just how the doctrine of the baptist church is. I could tell that this fact upset chick #1.

Baptism is such an amazing and beautiful thing. Very simple water is combined with God's word and you have a baptism. This simple act brings faith to a tiny baby. A faith that is stronger than any human, a faith that can persevere through many things, a faith that is not of human making. The faith is Jesus Christ's perfect faith. Our sinful lives can not trust in Christ blood to forgive our sins but His own faith, in us, can trust in him. When our heavenly Father looks at us he does not see our sins, our faults, or our ugliness. Our Heavenly Father gazes upon his perfect Son when he looks at us. We are sinless beings in God the Father's eyes.

This hymn has been playing in my head lately and I thought I would share it with you.

Baptismal waters cover me

As I approach on bended knee;

My Father's mercy here I plead,

For grievous sins of thought and deed.

I look to Christ upon the tree,

His body broken there for me;

I lay before Him all my sin,

My darkest secrets from within.

Lord, may your wounded hand impart

Your healing to my broken heart;

Your love alone can form in me

A heart that serves You joyfully.

Baptismal waters cover me;

Christ's wounded hand has set me free.

Held in my Father's strong embrace,

With joy I praise Him for His grace.

Lutheran Service Book #616

Here is a link to a Internet radio show talking about baptism.

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Now let us all rejoice in the gift of baptism that has freely been given to us.

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