Monday, April 05, 2010

Love and honor each other

Teens and young adults think that they have a right. For some reason they think that they can do things that mess with other peoples lives and families. I do not care if they are being "careful", there are still sins being commented against future husband and wives. In this world a kid gets in more trouble for steeling then from committing adultery. Teen should not be having this "romance" with each other. If young men and women are not ready for the responsibility of being a Daddy or a Mommy they should not play Daddy or Mommy. They have no idea of the commitment that is need to raise a child. These young children, the teens, have no idea how many people are effecting by this behavior.

God has given husbands and wives a very special gift. This gift is to be loved and enjoyed inside of marriage. We are meant to have a sexual relationship with only one person. Only that person should know you in that way. I don't care what teens or young adults say. They do not know that type of love. They should not act like they do or love another person in a married way until they are married. God has given teens parents to guild teens through those horrid years. Parents need to have the strength to do their job and realize that they are still the parents. Should a teen be sleeping with his girlfriend under his parents roof? No! There, that is the answer and I said it and everyone knows that I know that it is wrong. The parent is sinning against the child by not being a parent, the child is sinning against it's parent, against their future spouse and against their girl or boyfriends future spouse. They are sinning against God and living outside of the union that he intended for husbands and wives.

Boys need to learn that they are boys unless they have the means to provide for a family. I do not know of any 16 or 17 year old that could provide housing and food for a wife and child. If you can not do that then you should not be sleeping around.

Girls need to understand what it is to take a care of a child. To care for a baby does not mean that you drop it off at the daycare center in your HS. It does not mean that you have your parents care for this child. It means that you care for this child 24/7 and it is hard. It is the hardest job that there is in the whole world and if you can't do, don't sleep around with boys.

Parents of teens toss up their hands and declare, "we can't tell them no." Really? I think parents could if they are willing to wear their parent's pants. Do these children need cell phone, games consoles, and cars? NO. We are not here to be our children's friend. It is hard to make your children mad but God gave us children to teach them to be responsible adults. Our job is to protect them, tell them no and give them rules.

Is someone being responsible by letting the govt. provide food or housing for them? NO! So many problems of this world could be fixed if people would just learn how to keep their legs together. If you do not have the means to pay for a baby to be born in a hospital then don't participate in the practice of making babies.

I have been tossing a lot of law out in this post. I know that I have made many people mad and upset over this. To be honest, I have not said anything that you did not already know. Everyone that knows me knows that this is how I feel. I am not going to apologize for saying any of this.

Is there hope after teens having fallen into this behavior? Yes. Does our Father in Heaven still care for them? Yes. Has our Father in heaven poured out forgiveness to all sinners? Yes.

A sinner must first realize his sin and then repent of it. To learn of your sin is a hard thing. It breaks you down and makes you feel like crap. It causes sorrow to run through your body but it does not last. God loves us. God loves us more than his own Son. We sin and we deserve death. That is the bill handed to us. God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to pay that bill. We have done nothing to earn this but God have freely given it to us. We can rejoice in this forgiveness of sins.

If you desire to read any further on this topic I urge to read about the sixth commandment here.


Gina said...

BRAVO!!! I would add that there are many of us who regret our teen sins deeply and it is a shame that a parent would not help their child avoid that kind of future regret instead of condoning it. Forgiveness is the only thing that helps with living with that regret - better yet mom and dad need to help their child not have those regrets by saying NO!Bravo Charity, Bravo, many more people need to be standing up and saying the same things!!!!!

Melissa Sutton said...

Amen to all that you have said. I also feel that many of our youth today do not conceder the medical side of adultery. If you sleep around you are more likely to get a disease than to get pregnant. A disease that may be permeant or one that will prevent you from having children all together. Children as young as 18 are having hysterectomies due to these diseases. Not to mention the emotional and spiritual ramifications. I have been listening to a christian speaker to deals with this topic she is very good and I recommend her to any parents who have teens. Check her out at this address.

Kristi said...

Well said and much needed post. Bravo (as I echo Gina) to saying the things that need to be said.

Jenn said...

My Step-sister in law's 2nd oldest son got his 17 yr old girlfriend pregnant. While everyone is falling all over themselves to say how wonderful it is that she kept the baby (born premature but otherwise healthy). I wonder. Did anyone bother to tell this young man and his girlfriend that their sleeping together is wrong? I somehow doubt it. My Dh did actually point that out to his mother and while she agrees, she's the Great grandmother at this point and no one is listening to her either. Well said Charity. Now to get another nephew (much closer to us) to listen that he's not ready to support children so he doesn't go the same path with his girlfriend (although he's older and has a steady job, he's impatient).