Monday, November 06, 2006

4-H vs. soup supper

Last night our family had two things that we could go to and both involved eating. The first was a 4-H achievement party for the 4-H kids and leaders from our county. The second was the ever famous soup supper that our church puts on every fall. We were not obligated to attend either event, we just thought that it would be fun. After church and Sunday school were finished we came home and I had to cook a side dish for the 4-H party. They asked that if you attend that you would bring a side dish. The kids wanted to play outside with our puppy since it was such a beautiful day. My baby also wanted to be out with his older brother and sisters. I have a hard time letting him in the backyard with them to watch over him. Throw in a puppy, the building of a "tree house", (read: nails being hammered into wood, nothing more.) and a Mother's anxiety, the Mother will soon end up outside. I was watching the kids play and pushing them on the swings, everything was seemed fine, until I figured out what time it was.

Time is something I am always fighting. There is never enough of it. I am always running out of it. It is a battle I will never win.

Now I have 1 hour until we must leave for the 4-H party and my scalloped potatoes are not even in the oven yet. Heck, they are not even preped. I was insistant on making them so I rushed and hurried about the kitchen. The potatoes were in the oven 15 min. late. Now the time battle is being lost. My dear husband was watching football, Cowboys vs. Redskins. He is a great Redskins fan and that has rubbed off on me. It turned out we could watch the end of a very exciting game because we had to wait for the potatoes. Then we packed a diaper bag, changed a diaper and filled the sippy cups, we were out of the door 20 minutes later than we should have.

We drove over to the town where the party is suppose to take place. We drove around in a small town of about 1.000 people. Do you think that we could have found the high school in under 10 min? No, we drove around the town for over 15-20 min. so by the time we found it we were almost 1 hr. late. There we were, four kids in a car, a casserole between my feet having just drove all over just to end up being to embarrassed to walk in to the 4-H party almost 1 hr. late.

Go ahead and laugh now. We did. It was rather silly. We dove back to the our house to let out our puppy then went on to the soup supper. The yummy casserole will be our supper tonight, so I guess I will have the night off. These are funny days of our lives.

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