Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mercury activities

Today we finished studying Mercury so we did some activities with craters. The kids dropped different size objects into the flour to see what kind of craters the objects would form. As you can see, Constence really likes to play in the flour.
Tristen is a very hands on type of learner so he really enjoys it when he gets to learn by using his hands.
After we were done making craters in the dry flour, we then turned to flour into a dough. The children molded the flour into the planet mercury and covered their planets with craters. Constence needed to have Mommy help her because her planet kept turning into a big pancake.
Adri making craters while she is standing in second position. I guess those ballet positions get well learned after 3 years of dance.
Three children busy making planets.


4Js4HIM said...

That looks like such a great activity and they all look like they had great fun doing it!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

My daughters like hands-on science projects also. Too bad a lot of them seem to involve stuff we don't have. We did do the dropping stuff into flour one.

Is your daughter still studying ballet? My Wildchild just started in September.