Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Boy Must Work

My son loves to do big guy jobs. Both of the older children were worrying about these logs that were stacked up by the back of our yard. They thought that the puppy (Toby) might be able to climb over the logs and get out of our fence. I suggested to Tristen that he should get his work gloves and move the logs to the log pile by the garage. He, of course, was more than willing. What boy would not want to be outside on such a lovely day. He only got about three of the logs moved, I think the last few maybe a bit to heavy for him. I hope that later on today I will be able to go out running in this beautiful weather. I have not been able to run much last past 2 weeks because we have been so very busy. Plus all of the dust around here was causing my asthma to act up. I have not had any problems with it for a few years but harvest season can bring on many things.

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