Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Grandma

Here is a beautiful picture of my Grandmother. She has lived on this same farm for 60 years. Grandma has also been married to my Grandfather for 60 years. She loves to window farm from the window that you see in the background. In front of this window she has a collection of African violets. Every time that I see a African violet I think of her. My aunt sent me this picture because Grandma had gotten a new pair of glasses. I think that she looks just wonderful in them. This woman can also make some of the best gravy that you will ever taste. But one of her favorite things to eat is toast with honey or peanut butter on it. You maybe wondering what her beverage of choice is and I can say it is coffee. The first language that she spoke was German and she still speaks her native tongue every now and then with her sisters.

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4Js4HIM said...

She looks absolutely lovely!