Thursday, November 02, 2006

Weekly update

This week was a very busy one. I have not had time for anything and that is the reason I have not been posting on my blog many things have happened. We had a field trip, birthdays, Halloween, and life in general.

Here is a photo of the youngest trick or treaters; my little two are the m&m's. Constence just had to wear vampire teeth so that is why her smile looks a little different. It was a very cold night and they were such little troopers. The monkey loved to push the wagon while my husband pulled the peanut m&m in it.
This is my oldest daughter and her friend as a husker gal and a bronchus gal. They were the leaders and thought we should run from house to house. It hard to hurry while trick or treating with a 1 year old.

Here is Tristen in the middle with his to civil war buds. They provided great protection for everyone while gathering a great harvest of sweets. In the past this trio has gone trick or treating as the three musketeers and cowboys. I wonder what they will come up with next year.

On Halloween we also had Adri's ninth birthday party. I figured that most of her friends would come trick or treating with us anyway so way not combine the two events. We has a lot of fun and the kids had even helped to decorate our playroom into a spooky playroom.

Here is a picture of me with our new puppy Toby. This photo was taken on my 33rd birthday. After we went to church my husband took me out to one of the local LCMS church's soup suppers. Later on in the afternoon we went to one of the state parks to look at all of the beautiful fall leaves. To bad that I was to scared to climb to top of the lookout tower to get a birds eye view. I was only able to make it have way up.

And finally here is a photo of a organ that was completed at the organ company where our LCMS homeschool group went to for a field trip. At this company they build pipe organs from the ground up. They melt the metal and do all of the woodworking. It was very interesting. One of our teenage boys got to test out this brand new organ. His music of choice was Charlie Brown's theme song. It sure got the little kids and the adults to smile. It bet that piece will never be performed on that organ again.

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