Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In His hands!

On Sunday we had an extremely windy day here. It was the kind of wind that would blow you into the person you were walking next to. I know this because it literally happened to me. In the afternoon we went and participated in the local JDRF walk. If you do not know what that acronym stands for it is for Juvenal Diabetes Research Foundation. One of my husbands co-worker's son has diabetes so we walk every year to support them. While on this walk, in 50 mile per hour winds, I bumped into my children a few times. Our stroller would have blown across the parking lot with our son in it if we would not have been holding it. Now, in our front yard we have a young tree. It is probably about 13-16 years old. I really do not know, but the poor thing had a crack right down the middle of the tree. It did not go all the to its base, the crack was only about a foot and a half long. The Rooster and I had been worried about the tree falling apart and we were planning to cut it down as soon as we could. The day before one of the Roosters friends had came over to help in the cutting down of the tree but it did not happen because of the wind that day. We had no way to know were it would fall and you can tell by the picture that there are many power lines close by. So we scraped the idea and watched football. After we came home from the walk on Sunday, God took care of the tree and our children. Chick #4 had fallen asleep on the way home so I had to carry him up to his room when we arrived home. Chick #3 had to use the bathroom so thankfully she was quickly in the house and safe. The older 2 chicks were helping get things in from the car when "Crack", half of the tree fell. Chick #1 was next to the vehicle which was parked up by the house. So she was safe and sound. Chick #2 jumped onto the porch and watched the tree fall. He thought this was all very exciting and the Rooster and I were a little shaken. I told the chicks that God's holy angle was with us and the evil foe had no power over us. So now for the time being we have a crooked tree in our front yard.

Notice that the tree did not hit anything! God can do a much better job at these things that we can.
Here is our poor tree. It will come completely down this next week and then we maybe planting a new one. That issue is currently a topic of discussion at our hen house.

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Kristyn said...

Once our family went to several museums for the day and during that time there was a terrible summer storm that lasted about an hour and left half the city without power. When we arrived home a huge tree in the back of our yard had fallen. It was if Someone neatly cut it down and laid it in the only space that wouldn't have crushed either our house or our neighbor's. The man who came to take it away said "I couldn't have gotten it to fall that way." It is amazing how God takes care of His property when we are not there to look after it.
You have a very nice weblog. :o)
Have a blessed day,
Kristyn Hall