Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Little Boy

Yesterday my brood and I travel to visit with John and his Mother in the hospital. I enjoy these visits just as much as they do and we seem to enjoy each others company. John took great joy in watch Chick #2 try to juggle and then tease Chick #3. I think we might have wore the little guy out because he sat in his stroller for quite a while. He started to become uncomfortable so his Mother moved him back to bed. Between the stroller and all of the i.v.s and tubes he became a little tangled so I helped out. I had never held John before and his little boy's body is so light and frail. Yet, even in this state, he can smile and bring joy to the people around him. He was showing the nurses the signs for different letters and they marveled over him. After he was settled in bed and received his meds he took a well deserved nap. His Mother is ever at his side and is strong for him. When he is in pain she coos words of comfort to him in a way only a Mother could. I watched, before me, feminism in it best term. A mother sacrificing everything for her child. God has made women for a reason, to raise children and help the man that is married to her. It is not a coincidence that we were made second after man. God did for a reason. It is his order. He has given all women a vocation as helper. John's Mother has taken on this role in a way that none of us could ever understand. She is the ever vigilant Mother by her sons side. "You go girl!" Now that, in all good cases is, "I am woman hear me roar!"


Nana Porcupine said...

When we do something good for someone else, It is most often ourselves who get the most joy and reward.

That is a great use of the phrase,
Much better then the last time I heard it used(in June) by some presidents wife!

I am so glad the little boy is doing ok! I will continue to pray for his healing and thank God for your love and kindness!

Kristyn said...

You're so right! How can anyone think it is "insulting" to do just what you were made for? I call it "fulfilled."
God bless your day and family.
Kristyn Hall

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing this story about John and his mother. And what a blessing you and your family must be to them at this time.

The Lord's provision is an awesome thing.