Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dancing chicks

Last night chick #1 had her visitors night at the dance studio. Chick#3 wanted to dance with her big sister so she put on her dance clothes tried to keep up the whole lesson. As you can see Chick #1 legs are not long enough to completely reach the bar, but little chick #3 finally got her leg up there too. The teacher was even laughing at that. Chick #1 is the youngest in her class but this year she really seems to be paying better attention. Never once does she complain about going to lessons. On Saturday it will be chick #3 turn for visitors day and we will get to see what she learned this year.

I added this picture of dancing chicks just to be funny.

I hope you enjoy the video of the girls doing ballet warm ups.


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Melissa Sutton said...

Thank you my dear sister for sharing those videos. It seems that they grow so fast and I only get small glimpses of their lives. Every little moment shared is a moment I can be a part of their lives.