Saturday, May 05, 2007

Daddy breakfast

My husband has a wonderful tradition of cooking breakfast on Saturday mornings. It gives me a little break and the children so look forward to daddy's breakfast. As you can see it is a real man's breakfast. The meal is always the same bacon, toast, and fried potatoes and onions with eggs. The potatoes and eggs are fried in the same pan that the bacon was fried in so they are extra good. He also cut up all of the potatoes and onions to go with them. He learned to make this dish from my Mother while we were camping. It was always known as our camping breakfast while I was growing up, but Birk loved it so much he wanted it more often. That is why he decided to start making Saturday morning breakfast. This has been a tradition for about 9 years.

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Marie N. said...

mmmmm. I love that my Rick makes Sunday breakfasts. Your mom's recipe sounds good.