Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

Yesterday the whole family was up early so that "The Rooster" and all of the chicks could take me to town for my appointment with the oral surgeon. It was that day to have my top and lower wisdom teeth on the right side pulled. Before any medical procedure you have to sign papers saying that you have read all of the risks involved with the procedure. I was just about ready to walk out that office while reading them. But I calmly remember that God the Father is in charge and I would be in his hands. So I signed my life away, paid my $215 and walked through the door. The doctor had very kind nurses and they were trying to be so gentle with me. I then told them that I had had four c-sections and I could handle getting an I.V. just fine. They said that often times they will get young 18 year old girls in there passing out or crying while there are getting their I.V.s. They of course had to stick me three times. I do not know why God gave me such tiny veins. They were finally able to get the I.V. going and I fell asleep while I was talking to them. I woke up to sound of chick #4 laughing in the waiting room and then saying Mama. The dentist said "I think that little guy wants you." That was that and I was up. Thank goodness I do not remember a thing. They had to break one of my teeth into four pieces. The dentist also thought that it was a little strange that I wanted to take my teeth home. But any true homeschooler would make a lesson out this. He told me that they were still dirty and I should clean them, but what is a little skin when you are talking about science. Chick #3 wanted to borrow one to put it under her pillow but I told her she would have to wait till she lost one of her own. Chick #1 and 2 thought for sure I should put them under my pillow. So far the pain has not been to bad and I am hoping that holes in my mouth will heal up soon. For now I will just have to take little bites of food and chew slowly on my left side.

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