Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's gone!

I am warning you now that an embarrassing thing is about to be revealed about our household. Do ever suddenly realize that you forgot to buy toilet paper. Suddenly you are walking through the house and looking under the cabinets looking for and extra roll stashed somewhere. Upstairs in the bathroom you find the same thing, none. Oh no! Where did it all go. With four children we seem to go through toilet paper a lot. Probably way to much. I am sure that all of the liberal green people would be upset with our house. So at the moment my toilet paper holders look like the above photo. All I can say is thank goodness that we had runny noses last month and there is plenty of Kleenex on hand. Otherwise, well lets just not go there.

I also thought that I would give my blog a new look for the summer months. It is a little daring for me to change it but I think it fits.


Melissa Sutton said...

That is such a coincidence because I just discovered we are on our last role of toilet paper too. I also had to search though the house yesterday to find just one more role. I was lucky because i found one lonely role shoved in the back of the cupboard.
PS...I love the new look!

Charity said...

That made me think, Ithink I might have one stashed in the camping gear. I do not want to dig that out so I will just wait till Birk get home today.

Nana Porcupine said...

It seem's like that happens to every household! At least a couple times. Its like toilet paper and salt are the 2 things easy to forget to buy. I must admit, I have never taken a picture of our empty holder though and I have taken pictures of a lot of different things!
I was glad to hear you are restocked on toilet paper now.