Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holy Matrimony

I heard some sad new last night about a couple that I have known for most of my life. These two people have decided to no longer be married and I find that very sad. What makes a couple decide such a thing. I understand that sometimes there are instances of abuse or unfaithfulness in marriages that cause a couple to be torn apart. But what if those extreme circumstances are not there? While I was thinking about writing this blog I thought I would be able to gain some insight by reading over the bible verses that were read during our wedding. I can tell that I was a young woman when I was married because I did not have the readings printed in the bulletin. I guess I will have to write them down the next time that "the rooster" and I watch the video.
When I was married to my dear husband I had no idea what a marriage involved. I can bet that I thought I did. I did not know that Christ himself had given us a example to look to. It was after I had been married for 5 years that I learned of God's built in guide for matrimony. His Son and His church give us the perfect example. My husband was taking a confirmation class from our good friend Pastor "K". He spoke of Christ's love for the church as an example of how a husband should love his wife. The church is ever thankful to Christ for him giving himself up for the church. He did so that the church would live. I looked at my life and how "the rooster" makes my life possible. I am able to stay home and do my job because of him. He gives me food and drink, clothing and shoes, house and home, children and all I have. He is doing the very job of God. Let me clean up that phrase. It is not him, it is Christ in him. I feel unworthy of all of this love. What can I possible do but to say thanks.

So now why do people give up? Do they know of this example? Do they see Christ in their everyday lives? Or, is it, that when life gets a little easier, it is just that much harder to cling to each other. I do not know. I just ponder such things while I can not sleep.

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