Saturday, May 05, 2007

Where did the puppy go?

Remember that we got a little puppy last October? You can always look at my past blogs if you would like to see a puppy picture. Well this is what he looks like now. A fifty pound teenage dog.

He loves to tease our children and this morning he let me brush him. Hopefully, some day, he will let me trim his hair so that his dark brown grown-up hair will show through. He still has the softest fur. For some reason he prefers toilet water to water in his bowl. It must be a dog thing. He still wiggles everywhere when he wags his tail, I guess we should have named him wiggles. This morning he crept upstairs after the kids had let him outside. He laid his head down on the bed right by me and began licking my arm. He then crawled up into bed and actually behaved. He usually is not supposed in our bed, but he seemed rather sweet this morning, so I let him. Maybe he will grow out of the teenage years and become a trustworthy dog.

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