Thursday, August 16, 2007


I thought that it would be a lot of fun to take neat pictures of different kinds of animals at our fair. My whole goal was to get a really close up picture of a pigs snout. I just think they are funny and I just laugh looking at their funny noses. The pigs did not want to work with me. As you can see, this guy thought he had a good side that needed to be photographed. He sure would pose this way but would not give me a good snout shot.

The sheep also thought he had a good side. Maybe he is a girl but she sure did not get her ear rings matching. I tried to take a close up picture of a goat but the little guys just wanted to eat my camera. I guess they do not like the close up shots.

Here are cow eye lashes. She would not turn her head and was a little scared of my camera being so close to her face. I really wanted to get a close up picture of the gal next to her but she was shy and kept putting her face down. People started to look at me a little strange because I was holding my camera so close to these animals. It is so fun to try to get really good shots of the animals God created for us.

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