Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another day at the fair

One of our good friends were kind enough to let Chick #2 show one of their goats. We had to be at the fair grounds around 12:30 to practice for the upcoming music contest. It was a really hot day and everyone was sweaty. Chick#2 was hoping the 4-H Mom's would let him stay and help with their goats. They said it would be fine for him to stay and Chick #2 was over joyed. He could run around the animal barn all day and wear cowboy boots just like real farm kids.

Here he is in the show ring trying to get Miss Penny to hold her feet just right. He was pretty proud to be in the ring with one of his good friends.

I think that he is holding his lips in to keep for smiling so much. This is, after all, very serious work and an ear to ear smile just would not be acceptable. All of his hard work paid off and he won a purple ribbon. Both of the boys did. For all of his hard work he won $6. Now he has enough to go buy a potato chip cowboy hat.

Chick #3 and #4 were running around and getting very sweaty. Chick #4 does not like being at the fair at all. He has to hold my hand and not run all over and wait and stand. He does not like being hot, He usually ends up crying after only being there for 30 min. This little two year old does not have much patience.

Here is the sweaty little guy again. He was squatted down listening to Chick #3 and her friend talk about where to go. There is dirt under his nails, neck, running down his face and smeared on his leg. But you know what? I would still pick him up and kiss his sweaty little head.

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Nana Porcupine said...

How absolutly sweet! I had to chuckle reading about Chick #2 and looking close up at his dusty dirty cowboy boots. I'm glad they both got a ribbon. Chick #4 is just as cute as he can be even if he was having issues with the fair. Guess what? I would pick him up and kiss his sweaty little head too! I love your posts!