Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We have a champion

Chick #1 seems to have done it again. Last night she won reserve champion for junior level sewing. Her work paid off and she learned how much work it takes to win a trophy. We had a few battles trying to finish up projects and she is learning that her perseverance pays off. She had won her first 4-H trophy earlier this year during the speech contest. In that contest she also learned that only she can do the work and it takes a lot of practice to do well.

Yesterday she made a red velvet cake to auction off during the 4-H cake auction. It took us all afternoon to get the baking done. Hopefully next year she will be able to do all of the steps a little quicker since I will be having more than one baker.
Chick #1 is on the stage during the bidding for her cake. It ended up being sold for $40 and she will get to keep half of the money. The other half goes to the local 4-H council. Some of the children's baked goods went for $100. I believe there were a few family members out in audience will to fork over the money so they could satisfy their sweet tooth. Chick #1 was over joyed with it going for $40. The average price that items were sold for was right around $50. I think some businesses also came and buy things so they could use it as a tax right off.

Here she is strutting her stuff during the fashion show. She really carries her self well and that probably come from taking dance lessons. Next year we will have to have a whole ensemble going on for the modeling. They do not judge on the way you model but on the overall outfit and accessories. Shees! Who would've know that they wanted her to have a matching purse and everything.
Can you tell that she is just a little excited here! I do not think that she could smile much bigger. We were both surprised by her winning reserve champion. Her blue top she is wearing won a blue ribbon but her skirt won a purple and will be going to the state fair. The granola bars that she baked will also be going to state. She wanted to have at least one thing picked for the state fair so she was able to accomplish that goal too.

Here is the little thing when she won her first trophy. I even think that chick #2, standing next to her, was proud of her after the speech contest. This was a bitter sweet night for her because the boy she likes only won a blue ribbon. She was very excited for herself but she felt very bad for her friend. I wonder how it will go with the two aways compete with each other during these contests. Our next big fair adventure will be the music contest on Saturday night. Our group usually does really well. I think the weather will be about 100 degrees that day. Can you say sweating, stinky boys?


Cheryl said...

Congratulations to Chick #1! How proud you must be!

Presbytera said...

Hooray, hooray for Chick #1. It's nice that someone else acknowledges the champion that you knew she was all along!

Marie N. said...

Magnificent~ Is she inspired to compete again next year?

The Hen (Charity) said...

She wants to do it all again next year. I can beleive how the kids look forward to the county fair.