Monday, August 06, 2007

Fair Time

We have our fair going on this week and almost everything is entered. Chick #1 has high hopes of having something picked to go to the state fair again. Last year was her first year in 4-H and she had 2 items go to the state fair. I think that she has set up a level of achievement to live up to. Tomorrow we will need to enter in their potted plants and I might enter some whole wheat bread. It all depends on how well it turns out. Chick #1 will also be backing a cake for the 4-H cake auction and she will get to keep half of the money it earns. After the cake auction is the 4-H fashion show. I will try to post a few update during the week to let you know how everything is going. Since we are town folk we do not show any animals to show so I do not have that stress. Next year Chick #1 would like to show the Ugly Duckling for the 4-H dog show. He is a few weeks to young this year and still needs some more training. She will have to work with him a lot next spring and summer.

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Caroline said...

Good luck! I am considering coming up with something to enter in our stock show, but that's not until February, so I've got loads of time.