Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What did it win?

That cute little frog picture that I put up yesterday won Best In Class. You know what the funny thing is about it? I did not even know that it had won during the fair. Every time that I had look at the photos at the fair I had only noticed the blue ribbon. I never really gave it my full attention because I was always busy keeping track of the little chicks. Someone came up and congratulated me on winning such a good award in the photo division and I had brushed it off. "Oh", I said, "I only got a blue, I did not win any purples." It turned out that the purple ribbon was hanging so low I probably thought it was for the picture under it. When I brought all of our stuff home I finally saw the ribbon and was a little excited. I thought that the picture was really good and I guess a few other people thought so too.


Marie N. said...

congratulations on the prize for a very nice photo. He's got quite a look in his eye, hasn't he?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

So your chicks aren't the only talented ones in the henhouse. :)