Monday, August 13, 2007

As luck would have it

My third child is really something else. You never know what she is going to do, where she is going to be, or what she is going to say. She disappears often and I am always checking up on her and looking out for this little girl. She is independent and can do many things with out any help. These gifts often get her in trouble too. While we were at the fair this past week I had noticed that she had gone missing. We were in the open class building where the air conditioning was so we were in no hurry to leave. The whole family was walking through, munching on candy and stopping to visit with friends we know. I was doing a head count of the little chicks and sure enough Chick #3 was AWOL. I quickly found her and she had acquired a balloon and had some teenage boys smiling at her. Chick #3 always needs to stay close under my wing. After the fair, I had the kids help with the fair grounds clean up. It was a hot day and they whined but it is good for them to learn about helping out in their community. Plus after you collect a bag of trash you can put your name in a box for a bike drawing. Chick #3 did not understand what we were talking about and she was worried that she would have to draw a picture of a bike. I explained to her what would be happening and she was a little relived. The little chicks did their part and put their names in for the bikes. The kids and I were a very hot and we did not want to stick around until the drew the names for the bikes. We headed home and all of the chicks had high hopes of winning a bike. After we were home I started do things in the kitchen and the phone rang. The Rooster answered the phone and the person asked for Chick #3. He handed her the phone and she got a huge smile on her face. Yep! She had won a bike. And not only that but the bike is green and purple, her absolute most favorite colors. Also there is a butterfly on it, her favorite insect. Now she just has to learn to ride a two wheeler so she can go out crusin' to the end of the block.


Presbytera said...

O-o-o-o cruising to the end of the block sounds like she won't be under your wing! What fun to actually get a tangible reward for helping in the community.

I've enjoyed the fair posts.

Melissa Sutton said...

Congratulations chick #3. I bet you were so excited. I am proud of you for doing your part to clean up at the fair. So many people don' care about keeping our communities clean.
love your auntie.

Marie N. said...

That is a really nice prize! Congratulations :-)